Amituofo !!  

Dear Brothers from US :

Shaolin Temple México is helping to supply some of the things that have been not supplied jet.  Fortunately since yesterday donations have arrived  and some even in excess , right now what our Temple is helping at is supplying Ambulances with Diesel  & Fuel  and also  Power Generators that use either Diesel or Gasoline. 

Cans , toilet paper, blankets  and bottled water is always welcomed 

Use your credit card / Paypal Account to send help any help in US dollar:


Thank you so much to our first donators from US and Austria!!  who have filled Ambulances tanks, and bought supplies: Tatiana, Pelin, David, Carl, Isabella, William, Aleda, Deborah, Irwin, Nathalie, Lukas, Sucheela, Linda, Kristopher, Peter, Raven, Jorge, Lenin, Carmen and Livia. 

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