OctOBER 8th -10th, 2021

3 days of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong with «The Shaolin Monk who has left all others behind» – Stan Lee 

Seminar at  57%  Capacity

$ 3,850 MXN

(About 190 USD )


Shaolin Martial Arts its a chance to change your self , take your health in your hands and decide to have the heart of a Buddha



 Since 2020 all hour events are held at open garden with tent to prevent Covid, mouth cover its obligatory, check point at entrance. 


 Coming form overseas ? 

Enjoy your seminar at Hotel City Express, it is located 3 min from the seminar, and it offers special discount for Shaolin practitioners , Prices are about $ 50 USD per individual room per day and $ 65 USD per double room per day,  free brakefast and we have a VAN taking people from hotel to seminar and back. Also hotel is certificated Covid Free by new mexican law , it offers clean rooms desinfected each 36 hours and individual AC with separated pipes from the other rooms. 




Would you like to include lunch ?


 Green Rabbit  its the restaurant located inside Shaolin Temple Mexico, it is located only 2 blocks from Seminar and it offers health diet with Veggies , pasta, Baguettes and salads, regular lunch its about 7 USD , you can add your diet at the registration.




Got more questions? 

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Tels: (55)4333 2294 y (55)5673 5682 

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SiFu Shi Yan Ming

Shi Yan Ming is a 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk and Founder & Abbot of USA Shaolin Temple. Named “a real-life superhero” by The RZA from Wu-Tang Clan, Shifu’s 1-inch punch is more powerful than a car at 35mph as recorded by History Channel’s show, Stan Lee’s Super Humans. His disciples and students includes Bokeem Woodbine of Spiderman, Wesley Snipes of Blade, RZA, Rosie Perez and many more. As one of the most respected martial art legends of all time, he has been featured in numerous publications & interviews across the world including National Geographic, The New York Times, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, VICE Sports, VICE China, Grazia Homme (France), Vogue, Great Big Story, NPR & more. For his generation and age, Shifu’s  physical abilities, wisdom, knowledge and upbringing makes him truly one in  3.3 billion on earth.  Don’t miss your opportunity to learn with a living legend. 

$ 3,850 MXN

(About $190 USD)


So you are in Mexico and seminar its over, now what?

Visit Bellas Artes the fine arts school

Take a walk at Templo Mayor , the reminings of the Aztek temple at down town

Check out Xochimiclo neighboardhood

Take a trip (70 min) to the Aztek pyramids

Walk inside Frida’s house at lovely town of Coyoacan ( 15 min from Seminar).

Become the president’s neighboard for one night at the first ever luxury hotel in southamerica at city hall mexico.

ShiFu Shi Yan Ming  at the most important media in México and the World:

National Geographic


Discovery Channel


History Channel

People & Arts

ShiFu Shi Yan Ming en México

Memorias Retiro 2018

Canal Once

Con Fernanda Tapia

Evento de carácter privado a puerta cerrada y sin fines de lucro, NRDA, ni los maestros ni los organizadores participantes obtienen ningún ingreso de estos eventos ya que todos los ingresos serán destinados a la realización del mismo y los ingresos restantes (si los hubiera) serán destinados al fondo de las asociaciones civiles Templo Shaolin de México y Monasterio Benedictino de Morelos.